Neon Effect
Playlist 22.Juli 2006

Neue Jugend: Normal Normal
Inner Landscapes: Over The Edge
Car Crash Set: Outsider
Dirty Princess: Tampax
Silberstreif: Ich Suche Dein Gesicht
Amin Peck: Love Disgrace
Experimental Products: Mannequin
Psychic Youth: Step In Time
Angelic Upstarts: Kids In The Street
Tiger Army: What Happens?
Cock Sparrer: Chip On My Shoulder
Silures: Fishnet
Hysterica Passio: Alone
Schleimer K: Hope Deep Inside
Klincz: To Nie Do Wiary *
Aviador Dro: Telepatia *
Rational Youth: Cite Phosphor *
Karman: Poker
Absolute Body Control: Is There An Exit? (live)
Daily Fauli: Speed *
Trisomie 21: The Last Song (Remix)
Warsaw: They Walked In Line
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Spellbound (12" version)
Christian Death: Resurrection
Informatics: What A World
Naked Lunch: Weekend Behaviour
Keine Ahnung: Plastik
Death In Vegas: Hands Around My Throat
Kirlian Camera: Blue Room
Die Unbekannten: Don´t Tell Me Stories
Schmaalhans Weltraum: Montagne Du Boeuf
Design: Premonition
Days Of Sorrow: Travel
OMD: Electricity
Datafreq: Just Like 1981 *
Clan Of Xymox: Going Round *
Vive La Fête: La Verité
B-Movie: Nowhere Girl
The Cure: Jumping Someone Else´s Train
Joy Division: Transmission
H-Bomp White Noise: Modern Destroyed
Carol & Snowy Red: Breakdown
Björk & Vitalic: Who Is It?
Vitalic: Poney Part I
Linear Movement: The Game *
Neon: Dark Age *
Violette Nozière: Incendie *
Xmal Deutschland: Polarlicht
Guerre Froide: Demain Berlin
DCL Locomotive: King Midas In Reverse *
Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang: Tainted Love
Demented Are Go: Cripple In The Woods
X-Ray Spex: Oh Bondage Up Yours
Liaisons Dangereuses: Los Ninos Del Parque
File Not Found: Star *
Club Moral: Nazis Of The Night
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental: Monochrome Days
Vicious Pink: 0815 To Nowhere
Neon: Neon *
Malaria: Duschen *
Grauzone: Schlachtet!
Herrmann´s Orgie: Hamburg *
Crash Course In Science: Cardboard Lamb *
Gudrun: Slaget *
Zwischenfall: Flucht *
Clan Of Xymox: A Day (12" version) *
Abwärts: Computerstaat
Crisis: Holocaust
Happy Drivers: La Isla Bonita
Linda Lamb: Hot Room
Decades: Poky Space *
Night Moves: Trance Dance
The Cramps: Human Fly
Tito & Tarantula: After Dark
Penetration: Don´t Dictate
Berlin: The Metro
V-Sor, X: Prey Room
The Sisters Of Mercy: Adrenochrome
The Wake: Nazarene
Bérurier Noir: Ibrahim
Grauzone: Der Weg Zu Zweit
Mirage: Get Down
Fockewulf 190: Gitano

* Wunsch / Request