Neon Effect
Playlist 30.Juli 2005

Spencer Spencer: Don't Do This And Don't Do That
The Games: Childsplay
Sluik: You Got To Listen To Me On The Road
Art Style: Factory Life
Oppenheimer Analysis: Cold War
Insanity: Time Never Stands Still
Minny Pops: Time
Morbid Poetry: Train
Bajm: Wielka*
Carol & Snowy Red: Breakdown
Experimental Products: Modern Living*
Jane & Jeff Hudson: Special World
Nash The Slash: Dance After Curfew
B-Movie: Remembrance Day
Cauda Pavonis: Love Like Broken Glass
Red Temple Spirits: Dark Spirits
Ministry: I'm Falling*
Clair Obscur: Toundra
Nejet Nok: Song For H. Ford
Alien Skull Paint: Fly With Me
Fiction Technology: In The City
Artist Unknown: Anthem
Silures: Fishnet
Fockewulf 190: Gitano*
Bakterielle Infektion: Actors On Stage
Aviador Dro: La Zona Fantasma
One Plus One: Nite Time Rhythm
Indochine: L'Aventurier
New Days Delay: Stereokatastrophe
The Wake: Give Up
Bauhaus: Third Uncle
Naked Lunch: Horror Shock Horror*
Coma: Verre*
Comix: Touche Pas Mon Sexe
Turquoise Days: Grey Skies
Freezepop: This Boy Is All About Fun
Organ: Organ*
Andy Arroganti: Benzin In Berlin
Depeche Mode: Photographic (Some Bizarre Version)
Death In Vegas: Hands Around My Throat*
2VM: Placita*
Gorilla Aktiv: Das Gesicht
1000 Ohm: AGNES*
Ski Patrol: Agent Orange
Ruth: Polaroid/Roman/Photo*
FPU: Ocean Drive
Adult: No Tears
Vive La Fête: Noir Desir
X-mal Deutschland: Polarlicht
Red Zebra: I Can't Live In A Living Room
Tiger Army: Ghostrider
Marine Boy: Haunted*
Lucy Cries: Peste De Cristal
Opera De Nuit: Invitation
Siglo XX: Sister Suicide*
Keen K & Dorian E: Ocean Grass*
ASCII Disco: Strassen
Bolz Bolz: Take A Walk (Remix)
Alpine Stars: Snow Patrol
Guerre Froide: Demain Berlin*
File Not Found: Star
Trans-Active Nightzone: Eyes Are Burning
Trisomie 21: The Last Song
For Against: Amen Yves
E-Herd: Körper*
4712: Steig Den Luis Trenker
Dicky Design: More Than Love*
Future State: Future State*
Phat Company: Love Life*
Bérurier Noir: Vive Le Feu*
Réseau D'Ombres: Mirrors
The Crowds: Little Big Horn
EA 80: Marthy*
Razzia: Arsch Im Sarge
Caprifischer: Wir Flieh'n Für Einen Tag*
Mount Sims: No Yellow Lines*
Martial Canterel: Ascent
Pastiche: Talk Show*
The Killers: Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke Remix)
SS-Say: Care
Mirage: Get Down
Sex Gang Children: Mauritia Mayer
Ausweis: Jours De Haine*
Charge: Ugly Shadows
Welle Erdball: Monoton & Minimal*
Kissing The Pink: Big Man Restless
Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond: Neo Burlesque
Starter: Part Of You
Nouvelle Vague: Marian

* Wunsch / Request